The Clear Elite 1000mg Cartridge – Golden Goat 

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The Clear Elite 1000mg Cartridge – Golden Goat


With an initial strength of well over 85 cannabinoid’s, the Elite cartridge is perfect for moderate to experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Smooth The Clear Elite 1000mg Cartridge – Golden Goat  for that best mode

We created Golden Goat by adding terpenes with mild sweet, spicy, and tart notes to our signature distillate.

This cart provides a full-bodied, bright cannabis sativa flavor experience all day long.
These cartridges use medical-grade ceramic atomizers that provide low failure rates, even puff distribution, no burnt taste, and high vapor output per puff.

The Golden Goat was created by chance in Topeka, Kansas, when a male Hawaiian Romulan pollinated Dunk’s Island Sweet Skunk.

The aroma is described as a combination of sweet, sour, spicy and tropical fruit flavors.
Its effects on the whole body provide a great sense of euphoria and creativity.

The flowering period of Golden Goat is from 9 to 11 weeks, and just before harvesting it acquires a golden yellow appearance.



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