Surf Beast Refined Live Resin™ 1.0g Cartridge UK

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Surf Beast Refined Live Resin™ 1.0g Cartridge UK


Surf beast Refined Live Resin™ 1.0g Cartridge Slimer x (Bisti Badlands x Skywalker x Citrus Sap)

(Tropical/Floral/Citrus) Sativa Low Garden aims for even higher standards.
Perfect if you want more experience Do more Let’s celebrate more Please relax more.

Best Surf Beast Refined Live Resin™ 1.0g Cartridge UK for that beautiful mindset

Our products are made from pure cannabis flower.
Because it tastes great and is rigorously tested to the highest quality standards, Raw Garden is the most trusted and best-selling brand in cannabis.

Raw Garden Refined Live Resident™ VAPE is designed for maximum potency and functionality to provide the best user experience.

This is achieved through an innovative post-extraction process that removes non-psychoactive compounds still present in live resin (e.g. tannins, fats, waxes, etc.) that are known to interfere with e-cig functionality cart.

By removing these compounds from live resin, purified live resin oil can be created.
Designed with you in mind, our proprietary oils retain the natural cannabis aroma and flavor while maximizing functionality and making them more potent.

Now you can easily experience 100% pure, natural cannabis plant ingredients on the go.



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