Rove Remedies CBD Vape Cartridge



Rove Remedies CBD Vape Cartridge

Rove is a practical and honest cannabis product that anyone can enjoy. Portable and discreet, it combines convenience and quality providing relief wherever, whenever. Buy Rove Remedies CBD Vape Cartridge


40% CBD : 40% THC

This special formulation boasts hints of strawberry and banana that will keep you coming back for more. Love THC? Love CBD? How about the best of both worlds?


50% CBD : 25% THC

Easy on the taste buds, this blend presents hints of mango and passion fruit underlining a tropical cornucopia for flavor. Chill and treat your body to a relaxing experience. You deserve it!


75% CBD : 7% THC

Spot of tea? Yes please! Exotic and extravagant, but certainly not fanciful, this oil is for those who want the best for themselves. Be well and enjoy this sophisticated brew.


100% CBD : 0% THC

Looking for THC-Free, hemp CBD? Then here is the right product.

Additional information

Rove Remedies CBD

1:1 (40% CBD : 40% THC), 10:1 (75% CBD : 7% THC), 2:1 (50% CBD : 25% THC), Zero (100% CBD : 0% THC)




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