Purple Punch THC-Infused Indica Gummies UK

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Purple Punch THC-Infused Indica Gummies UK


Indulge in the delicious embrace of LUXE’s Purple Punch THC-infused gummies.
Every bite is a journey to vegan-friendly, gentle bliss.
Formulated with a potent 25 mg of his THC, these gummies deliver deep relaxation with the bright flavor of ripe berries.

Get a good taste of Purple Punch THC-Infused Indica Gummies UK

Perfect for starting the night or enjoying a peaceful moment outdoors, Purple Punch lets you forget about the day’s troubles and enjoy the soothing sounds of Indica tranquility.
Turn an ordinary break into a wonderful new experience with each of his THC-infused gummies from Purple Punch.
25 mg THC per piece Each gummy can be divided into 4 pieces 250 mg total THC per pack 10 pieces

Purple Punch is a sweet and gentle combination of two classic indica-dominant varieties.
Crossing Rally OG with Granddaddy Purple creates an amazing trichome-filled purple punch with notes of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid.

The potency of this strain delivers a one-two punch to the consumer’s head and body, landing first between the eyes and then settling in the extremities.
Purple Punch is a delicious dessert perfect after a meal.
Its effects help treat nausea, stress, mild body aches, and insomnia.



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