Outer Space | Sativa LLR Cartridge 500mg

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Outer Space | Sativa LLR Cartridge 500mg


Our liquid live resin is derived from a single cannabis strain Nothing has been added Nothing was taken away It is never separated or restored. place your order for the best Outer Space | Sativa LLR Cartridge 500mg

He easily captures the full spectrum effects of fresh flowers with just one cartridge.

Rise products are derived from Sativa strains known for their energizing and uplifting effects.

Rise strains pair well with daily activities such as housework, happy hours, and physical activity.
Reported Effects: Euphoric, Happy Flavor: Citrus, Sweet Strain: Island Sweet Skunk, Trinity Main Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene Outer Space is a Sativa between Island Sweet Skunk It is a dominant hybrid and Trinity is known for its spiritual and creative effects.

Space Flower has a strong citrus scent and citrus smoke aroma.
This strain is great as a mid-day boost, especially for people who like oranges.

Outer Space is a sativa-dominant strain that is a cross between Island Sweet Skunk and Trinity, and is known for its ability to boost intelligence and creativity.

Produces aromatic smoke with a strong citrus scent.
Ideal as a daily medicine.



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