Nuvata Premium Vape Pen



Nuvata Premium Vape Pen

The Nuvata vapes are famous for their unique body and quirky color scheme designed to help the new cannabis consumer. The oils are extracted from pesticide-free cannabis. This vape pen is exceptional and offers the highest quality.

The Nuvata vape pen has the best oil. So far they are the smoothest and most enjoyable pen.

Available Flavours

Strawberry: Full Mind. Fuel Your Creativity
Tangerine: Mind Dominant. Energize Your Being
Tropical: Mind Balance. Balance Your Energy
Lime: Body Balance. Balance Your Body
Blueberry: Body Dominant. Restore Your Form
Wild Grape: Full Body. Amplify Your Sensation.


Additional information

Nuvata Flavours

Blueberry (Body Dominant), Lime (Body Balance), Strawberry (Full Mind), Tangerine (Mind Dominant), Tropical (Mind Balance), Wild Grape (Full Body)




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