Kurvana ASCND Vape Cartridges UK



Kurvana ASCND Vape Cartridges

Kurvana ASCND boasts the most potent oils on the market, offering experienced users heavy psychoactive effects while maintaining a smooth, true-to-strain taste.

Available Strains/Flavours

Dutch Treat: Dense sweet pine following a citrusy aftertaste results in quick cerebral effects for relaxing the mind. Indica
Earth OG: Baking spices kissed with a tinge of soil and an OG rich undertone, finished with a full-body relaxation. Indica
Cosmic Glue: A euphoric diesel that relaxes your mind and bod while putting a skip in your step. Hybrid

Additional information

Kurvana ASND Flavours

Amnesia Haze, Cactus Cooler, Candy Jack, Cosmic Glue, Dutch Treat, Earth OG, High Fashion, Jet Fuel, Lunar OG, Mimosa, Northern Lights, Pink Sherbet, Purple Punch, Wedding Cake


0.5G, 1G


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