Katsu Bubba Kush Indica LLR Cartridge 500mg

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Katsu Bubba Kush Indica LLR Cartridge 500mg


Our liquid live resin is derived from a single cannabis strain.
Nothing has been added.
Nothing was taken.
It is never separated or restored.

Please do Order Katsu Bubba Kush Indica LLR Cartridge 500mg and thank me later

He easily captures the full spectrum effects of fresh flowers with just one cartridge.

Rest products are derived from Indica strains that promote tranquility and relaxation.

Our respite plans are perfect for quality time, evening relaxation, and restful self-care.

Reported Effects: Relaxing, Happy Flavor: Berry, Earthy Strain: Baba Kush Main Terpenes: Limonene,

Myrcene Katsu Baba Kush is unique with a deep floral terpene profile Baba Kush phenotype.

Matching its genetic name in appearance and bud structure, Katsu Baba’s buds are dense and resinous.

The high THC content of this strain causes a strong euphoric sensation in the user, which spreads throughout the body, relaxing and tensing the extremities.

Use Katsu Baba Kush to relieve insomnia, nausea, and mild pain.
You can also expect a strong appetite stimulation.


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