Eden Diamond Vape Cartridges



Eden Diamond Vape Cartridges

They make use of a proprietary extraction process as well as extensive testing and meticulous production standards to provide as high quality a product as they possibly can. Eden is also one of the few companies which uses its own original cartridge design and actually delivers in quality. Buy Eden Diamond Vape Cartridges

Available in 3 options Focus, Balance and Rest


Hailed by cannabis enthusiasts for its incredibly stimulating effects. This cutting edge new supercannabinoid is the secret to being able to use cannabis during the day and not feel weighed down, groggy, or unable to be productive. So replace your cup of coffee, put away your Adderall, and skip the motivational Youtube videos, because THCV is here!


Depending on the type and amount of cannabis you consume, there can be a broad range of effects all the way from creatively stimulated, to nearly asleep. EDEN’s new BALANCE cartridges, available now in the Diamond Line, are here to help you get back to the center. Whether you’re looking to clear your mind, take the edge off, or just chill, this is the tool for you.


Ask anybody if they wish they fell asleep sooner and slept more deeply, and the answer is always yes. EDEN’s new CBN and Δ8 REST cartridge is specially crafted with unique, relaxing cannabinoids that reduce anxiety and promote drowsiness to help you ease into a peaceful night of sleep. Eden Diamond Vape Cartridges

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Balance, Focus, Rest




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