Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Cartridge – Silverback (1.0g) UK

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Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Cartridge – Silverback (1.0g) UK


Dr. Zodiaks Moonrock Clear is a high quality he THC distillate with tested levels of approximately 90%.

His 1-gram cartridges from Silverback are made using a multi-step cannabis purification method and infused with all-natural terpenes to create a warm, flavorful experience.

High Quality Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Cartridge – Silverback (1.0g) UK

Never before have portability and effectiveness been so closely linked.

Colorado Seed Co.’s Silverback is a powerful and mysterious strain.
This strain, with unknown Hawaiian genetics that mutated during breeding on mainland Hawaii, is called the “Boutique Hawaiian Crystal Monster.

” Silverback may never make it to market due to its low yield, but its genetics have found their way into other CO-seed hybrids such as Silver Cindy and Silver Nina.


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