Dady Moroccan Hash

£18.00 Per Gram


Dady Moroccan Hash

Did you know it takes about 1,000 grams of flowers to make 10 grams of 3/4 Dady Moroccan Hash? The potent real deal.

Dady Moroccan Hash is AAAA Grade that produces a cerebral and active high. Perfect bubbly action and delicious hashish flavor.

Did you know Morocco is widely known to produce some of the best hash in the world? That’s the reason we brought it into the store! Moroccan Hash, formally known as ‘kif has a history that spans centuries.

How do you know this is good Moroccan hash?

  1. The official stamp is shown – you can think of the stamp in the same way you think of a painter’s signature. It is something to be proud of.
  2. It is slightly darker than a light brown
  3. It is less high & psychoactive than the Afghan so if you have tried our Afghan, please compare the two.
  4. The taste is smooth and the smell is fresh.


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